The One Year Anniversary Of Bold Statement! Artist Photos and More!

15 Nov

Can you believe it? I can’t!

November marks the one year anniversary of Bold Statement! In this past year we have rebranded our entire store, went through a metamorphosis if you will – renovated everything, added the entire tattoo parlour downstairs, had endless guest artists, added a third full-time tattooer, and painted the town red with custom and original artwork inked onto people from all across the GTA.

It has been a ride! We wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to the shop in any way. Thanks to everyone who has supported us and thanks to anyone who has spent their hard earned money either getting inked, or enjoying the wide array of various gifts upstairs.

Thank you so much!

Have we said thank you too much? Maybe a little. But we really do appreciate everything this community has given to us. That’s just how we roll, and we hope this one year anniversary results in a two year anniversary, and even more after that!

Let’s take a look at some of the show stopping work that has been flowing out of the shop. Some new, some old – gosh, time sure does fly!

Here is some new work done by Shantelle, most of these are works in progress so keep that in mind!


Pick your brains back up, because your mind has been blown!

This is an art print that is for sale by Shantelle, come into the shop and ask about it!

Shantelle has been busy, like really busy. So that is just a taste of what she has been up to lately. The artists have been slowly updating their portfolios, and if you are interested in seeing a bit more by her, check us out on Facebook.

And here are a couple great shots by the wonderful Shannan!

Sick, right? And finally we have some work from the handsome and dashing tim. My boy, my bro. The rose in the photo is also a work in progress.

Just wow! Words cannot even describe how stoked I am for all three of these artists. There is a bright future ahead, nothing can stop us now!

Please check back for more updates, and if you like what you see don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Until next time!


The Blog Is Back, Colouring Contests and Movember!

12 Nov

Whoa, hey there friends!

Ok so it’s been a while since I’ve updated this wonderful blog. I started school in September, as well as a new job – so things were totally out of hand for the first few months of my return to University life. The entire Bold Statement team has been calling and texting me repeatedly, saying – “Burton, we did you leave us? Why did you abandon us?”

So after endless pestering and rage, sleepless nights and bricks through windows –  I have decided to get back on the blog and write about how amazing Bold Statement is.

But in other news things have been going really great in the land of Bold Statement. Tim has nicknamed me beastor and Crystal is still yelling at me even though I don’t actually work in the store anymore. That’s cool though. Shantelle has been crazy busy, Becca and Shannan see me in the store and say, “oh hey Burton.” Amber is good too, but I hear the new guy doesn’t compliment her on her looks everyday like I used to. That is crap SteveDave, total crap.

But let’s get to the important stuff, shall we?

If you have been following along on Facebook, you would have been keeping track of the colouring contest that has just recently wrapped up. We would like to thank KRISTHESITH for the winning submission, which made our necks swing back in excitement, and our loins burn with passion.

That booty is literally popin’!

We would also like to share some awesome second place submissions as well. We thank everyone who took part and we had a really great time with this. It’s awesome to see such a response, and we can’t wait for more contests! We have all our submissions posted in the shop, so come on in and take a look!

Speaking of other contests, that is also something very serious we need to talk about!

It is that time. That time where men from across the land grow mustaches to help raise money and awareness to fight colon cancer. We think this is a noble and just cause, so we are inviting all of the Bold Statement customers to go ahead and send us your MO! And that doesn’t mean just men, women too. Get creative, make a mustache, draw it on yourself, have a mustache in a ridiculous place! Get your self in a mustache canoe while wearing a mustache! See what we are trying to get at here!

We really just want you to get creative with this, have a little fun! Get wild, get crazy, and show us your ‘stache! So by this time in the blog post you are already brainstorming ideas, and what we need you to do is post that picture on our Facebook page. We will take notice. Or if you don’t trust Facebook, go ahead and email that submission to us at

That is that friends! We are really excited for this new contest and we hope you are excited for some new posts on the blog. Again, apologies for running out like that, but I am happy to get this thing going once again!


Bold Statement Gets Cray Cray!

2 Aug

Get the crayons, sharpen those pencils- because things are about to get real.

We need you, yes you. We need you to participate in our first ever adult colouring competition. Remember, this isn’t your normal colouring competition. Things may get a little inappropriate, who am I kidding?!  It will be inappropriate! Get fancy, get colourful, don’t forget the fine details! You got to get nitty gritty with this, are you ready? Let’s take a look at what we are working with here.

Make that booty go pop! This lovely piece of artistry is done by the wonderful Armando Huerta. You can appreciate many things about this piece of work. Specifically her eyes, hair, and her prone position. This isn’t for kids, time to dim the lights – let your creative side get a little nuts! And of course, if you like this sort of thing you can go check out more work from Armando by clicking here and be sent to his wonderful website.

Here are a couple other pieces of work from Armando. Let’s take a look for a second.

Wonderful realism and colour!

Also if you want to download the entire file for this content click this link: ColouringContest. This is in a PDF file, hope that works for you.

Come on in the shop and we will give you a blank copy as well. We need you to get crazy, like cray cray with this. Glitter up her face, throw some tattoos on her, make your paper scented! Do whatever you have to do to make us go “wow” when we see it. First prize will receive a $100 tattoo gift certificate at Bold Statement!

One hundred smackers are on the line, and runners up will also get a little some-something from us. This fun and exciting event will go for the entire month of August, so get in here and get it done quick! Please drop off submissions in person at the shop, tell ’em the blog sent you!

But that’s that friends. Things are really heating up here at Bold Statement, so get in on the action. As for advice for your artwork, make sure her butt shimmers.

Shimmer, don’t forget.


Tim Pops One Off, Cory And Earl Stop In and May The Force Be With You

17 Jul

It has been busy at Bold Statement. Like really, really busy.

We had Tim’s first days here in the shop. He’s been having a really great time and busting out a ton of smiles, and tattoos. He was in for three days before his guest spot in British Columbia. Nik was also in for three days, but also hit the road with Tim. Tim will be back, and then I will make him tattoo video game characters on me.

I had Nik slap a nice Megaman tattoo on my leg and it is healing nicely. It’s getting all scabby, it’s a good time. Tim has been having such a good time he decided to pop off some bubbly in celebration of his first successful day at Bold Statement.

Look at that, so darn happy! In other news our good friend Cory Ferguson from Good Point Tattoos came by to do some tattooing. He was the captain of the day! Cory is a sweet dude, always smiling – it’s a good quality in a person.

Cory also brought his favourite puppy Earl. We’ve been getting a lot of packages, and Earl just happened to sneak into one of them! How precious is that?! Earl rocks, and you should know this. How could you not love that face?!

We also wanted to share the tattoo Cory did while he was here. If you aren’t familiar with Cory’s work, this should get you pretty excited. He does amazing black work, like mind blowing-ly good. He works out of Good Point Tattoos in Oakville. If you’re ever in the area you should stop by.

Summer snow flakes! So awesome! Really loving the tiny details and how all those little dots really add depth to the tattoo. It looks like its alive! Really fancy stuff!

Ok I got excited there. But it was fun having Cory stop by. Hopefully he comes by more often!

But in all seriousness it has been gosh darn busy. Awesome stuff is always going down here. We promise to get you some more updates on tattoos coming out of the shop. Tim needs a good solid update, and we really need a shot of that new Megaman tattoo Nik did on me. All in time my good friends. But for now, I leave you with a brand spanking new tattoo by our very own Shannan.

Yes, this is amazing.

May the force be with you!

Shantelle Puts the Call Out – Celebrity Portraits

15 Jul

Yesterday Shantelle grabbed my face and molded it into one of those over-exaggerated smiles. She just kind of grabbed the flub on my cheeks, and her fingers dug right on in there.

“Burton! I have an idea!” Shantelle always has ideas, and it’s a good thing. I love good ideas.

“I want to do some celebrity portraits!” she said with my cheeks being stretched to their limits.

And so, this new and exciting idea has been brought to you – the faithful readers of the Bold Statement blog. How awesome is this? Ready? Ok.

Shantelle really, really wants to get some celebrity portraits in. You know something cool like Steve Erkel, Bill Murray, or maybe even Han Solo. Anything really, don’t limit those ideas to just those celebrities. Just something wicked you know!?  Whatever it is, you come in and pitch the idea, and Shantelle will work with you on a price and an appointment. She’d be willing to bend some rules, pull some strings – and get you in to do something amazing!

Here are a couple examples of the many portraits that Shantelle has done. These ones are pretty wicked, so think of this – but with a celebrity.

Portrait tattoos are awesome, and often are a challenge to tattoo artists. Shantelle is very experienced in portraits, but she wants to add a couple celebrity portraits to her portfolio. So if you’re willing, she’d love to work on something amazing with you. But keep in mind, celebrity – and awesome.

You can’t go wrong! Anyways, hope you are all having a wicked awesome day. We will keep you posted with anything awesome and wonderful coming out of the shop!


Guest Artist Attack! Nik Hylo @ Bold Statement

8 Jul

Hey everyone!

It’s been a busy weekend, as usual! The ladies have been tattooing, smiling, then tattooing some more. Currently it’s past noon and I’m still in pajama pants. I played a show in Streetsville last night and I am very sore this morning. It’s like someone took a sack of potatoes and beat the crap out of me, specifically my sides. It’s all in good fun. I was in the shop the other day and had some good hangouts with Laura and Shantelle. I haven’t seen Laura in a long time, so it was a good time.

Shantelle was all, “Burton! I have ideas for you!” You know how she is, always stoked on life.

What I really need to talk about  is the fact that we have a guest artist coming in for a couple days. He’s actually coming in on Tim’s first day. We’re happy to have Nik Hylo from Fire Vixen Tattoos in Invermere British Columbia at the shop. We’re really stoked to have him in, and I’m sure we will show him a good time. If you’re interested in getting tattooed by him, don’t hesitate to call the shop and book an appointment.

The neat thing about guest artists is that you’ll have a chance to get tattooed by someone that isn’t normally in this neck of the woods. It’s really quite awesome actually, people will ask you where you got your work done, and you could say it was from an artist in British Columbia!

Let’s take a moment and have a good look at his work.

Very, very, VERY nice. Really loving all these different pieces. All are really great. If those shots don’t get you excited, I just don’t know what will. Remember, he’ll be in on July 10, 11, and 12. So you really got to get in here quick and book time now! Tim will also be starting on the 10th and it’s pretty much going to be the most exciting day ever. If you want to take a look at more work from Nik, go ahead and click here.

Are you excited? I’m excited! Anyways, that’s the shop update for today. We’re keeping things busy here, so come in and and grab some new ink!

Until next time!

Canada Day, Fireworks Attack, and Shantelle Slays More Tattoos

3 Jul

We hope you all had a great Canada Day weekend!

I spent my time trolling around Toronto, Georgetown and Acton for the day. I celebrated by eating mounds of fries, cheese curds and gravy, as well as watching some fireworks. I saw fireworks in Acton, which were put on by the lovely firemen from the community. They were really quite great, lots of pretty colours and such.

It just so happened that the breeze from that night travelled right over the heads of all the spectators. This meant that the hundreds of happy families had gun powder and shrapnel rain down upon themselves. We were calling it souvenirs, but I was cleaning gun powder out of my hair for days!

But that’s ok, because I’m a good sport about this stuff!

What I do have for you today is something much more exciting than blogs about fireworks and gun powder. I have what you are all here for, tattoos! #soexciting

Anyways, the girls have been hard at work tattooing in a variety of different styles and forms. Shantelle has hand picked a couple shots for you guys to take a look at. This will either give you the urge to get tattooed by Shantelle, or make you super stoked that you already have time booked in with her.

Bam! That is a Yoshi’s Story foot tattoo. Another video game tattoo! So stoked on this. Shanty hammered this one out on the foot of a new customer last week. He enjoys video game tattoos as much as I do. It actually has two Shy Guys in it, and stays true to the water paint style of the actual video game. How amazing is that? I’ve seen video game tattoos, but this one just takes the cake.

This one is also wicked. It’s a work in progress, all that detail in the flags and shrubbery take up the customer’s entire upper back! This thing is huge, and epic! It looks like that flag is actually flowing! Well it is of course, but I was getting super excited about this one when Shantelle was tattooing it. Loving the colour, and very appropriate for Canada Day!

And finally!We have this lovely hyper colourful hand and leaf tattoo. Really loving the colour. Very bright, and I think that’s a good quality in a tattoo. There’s been a lot of colour work coming out of the shop, and I do a little happy dance every time that happens.

But that is that. We’ll be working to get you more updates on the girls in the near future. But in the meantime get in here and book time with either Shantelle, Shannan and even Tim! Don’t forget to also check out the new girls clothing in the store. Dresses, shirts, accessories!

Until next time Bold Statement friends!